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Festive Lizards Ltd has been established since 2007 and has been formed by family and friends. Our aim is to help raise money for the benefit of carnival clubs and committees, plus being able to help other groups and organisations that are in need of support.

By donating funds or equipment this helps to ensure that they are able to continue their place within the community supporting the needs and requirements of their users.

Our main fundraiser is Glastonbury Festival and Frome Independent Market along with other fundraising events throughout the year. We do not employ people, everyone who works for Festive Lizards are volunteers who help us fundraise.


How you can help and what we do ?


By volunteering your services of 28 hours at Glastonbury Festival, we are able to raise money for these benefactors.  In return for your services we are able to provide you with entrance to Glastonbury Festival.

Our work is classed as traffic management, however we deal with thousands of people too.  A friendly calm attitude is always required.

Work is available from Saturday prior to the Weekend through to the following Monday.  We require people to be available from tuesday to monday inclusive as a minimum.

FROME INDEPENDENT MARKET (1st Sunday each month, Mar - Dec yearly)

Starting at 6am until the road reopens (road closure is 6am to 6pm).  Managing people safely across a section of road, offering directions. Man the road closures. NVQ Marshalling qualification required but can be arranged for free.

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